Warrior Women with Eugenie Drakes
Warrior Women with Eugenie Drakes

Eugenie Drakes was born in Johannesburg and is a very proud South African. She believes it is an honour and privilege to be in this country at this moment. As part of the Warrior Women series we interviewed Eugenie and learned more about a woman who has followed her heart and changed lives by being […]

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Introducing Matoyana Media’s Warrior Women Series
Introducing Matoyana Media’s Warrior Women Series

By Nokwazi Mzobe Why I Made the Warrior Women Videos I created the Warrior Women series because every year I choose a word to live by. Last year was my year of “Fearless” and I made a video series where I interviewed 23 amazing women, mainly entrepreneurs, asking them to share their stories about how […]

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The Rise of the Warrior Women
The Rise of the Warrior Women

A new documentary with Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o takes us on a fascinating journey as it charts the history of a fierce – but seldom heard of – all female African army. In the 17th and 19th centuries in the Kingdom of Dahomey (modern-day Benin) there was a tribe of warrior women known as the “Agoji”– […]

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Teachers turned entrepreneurs
Ten Teachers Turned Entrepreneurs

Ten Teachers Turned Entrepreneurs In a recent article we discussed ten reasons why teachers make such great entrepreneurs. As a follow up to this we’re sharing information on ten people who did exactly that – began as educators and branched out into other fields. 1 Sting Sting is a famous example of a teacher turned […]

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Why business models matter!

Why Business Models Matter? By: Nokwazi Mzobe A business model is the blueprint of your businesses success and we decided to research and compile quotes from leading entrepreneurs; business leaders, journalist and academics, that show us why business models matter. Here are 8 insightful reasons: 1)      A good business model remains essential to every successful […]

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Are You Ready for a Side Hustle
Are You Ready for a Side Hustle?

Having a side hustle means being an entrepreneur at the same time as doing your regular job. Almost 40% of Americans have a business on the side, earning an extra US$686 on average per month, while stats show 40% of UK workers also have a side hustle with figures set to rise to nearly 50% […]

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