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Celebrating South African Entrepreneurs: Mandla Prosper Sibanda

Celebrating South African Entrepreneurs Mandla Prosper SibandaMulti-talented entrepreneur Mandla Prosper Sibanda is based in Johannesburg where he’s a web developer for Web Garden as well as a clothing designer for Jozi Streets. We spoke to him about why he does what he does and loves doing it:

Why do you do love what you do? 

As a web developer, I do it as a profession, for the love for programming, solving Information Tech related problems and for self-fulfillment resulting in developing futuristic solutions for the clients.

As a clothing designer, this is part of me which enables me to be more social and more involved with people from all over the world. I like selling my country and the African continent to tourists and the clothing line I run does just that.

What is it about being an entrepreneur that keeps you inspired?

Besides solving customers needs and fulfilling a need, I enjoy making a difference in my society by creating employment and contributing to the national growth.

What’s your biggest work challenge?

Most entrepreneurs will say their challenge is financing but my problem is time. I never have enough time on a day to do as much as I think I am capable of. My other challenge is finding the right people to train so that they can mirror me in the two fields that I am exploring.

Please share your favourite quote with us:

“It’s not done until it ships.” ― Steve Jobs

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My parents, even with lack of formal education, they did all they could to give me and my siblings a stepping stone.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Web Garden will be recognised in South Africa while Jozi Streets will be a household clothing brand in the world.

Celebrating South African Entrepreneurs Mandla Prosper Sibanda 1Celebrating South African Entrepreneurs Mandla Prosper Sibanda

What’s your greatest hope for South Africa?

I hope that the youth can grasp the opportunities granted/denied to them and make a difference in their lives rather than spending time complaining about the unavailability of resources and to make their dreams and of Africa a reality.

Instagram: @jozi.streets
Twitter: @jozi_streets
Facebook: @jozistreets

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