Eleven Things You Didn't Know about Project Akwande ukukhanya
11 Things You Didn’t Know about Project Akwande Ukukhanya

Akwande ukukhanya is an Early Childhood Development Crèche Owner Empowerment Programme which originally started as a pilot in 2017 with 15 women led ECDs, and due to its success, we were requested to run it in Diepsloot! Akwande ukukhanya has a unique, three-pronged approach business model: Supporting women social entrepreneursand leaders through personal and wellness […]

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In The Spotlight with Project Akwande Ukukhanya Matoyana Media
In The Spotlight with Project Akwande Ukukhanya

Introducing Matoyana Media’s latest “In the Spotlight” feature where we’re focusing on something close to our Founder, Nokwazi Mzobe’s heart. Nokwazi is also the Founder and Project Lead for Akwande ukukhanya, an Early Childhood Development (Creche) Owner Empowerment Programme. It is a non-fee women’s empowerment business skills training which is targeted at township women who […]

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8 Ways to Stay Connected During Covid_19
8 Ways to Stay Connected During Covid_19

Here’s the one thing I can say the current Covid-19 pandemic has shown me! That we are living organizisms – fragile humans and we need to take this opportunity to spend time with ourselves, our families and friends. Block out the distraction, filter the noise, choose the right information to protect yourselves, loved ones and […]

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Surviving Solo-preneurship
Surviving Solo-Preneurship

A few weeks ago, I had a catch-up session with a mentee of mine. He was telling me how he had listed “being a solo-preneur” as a weakness in his pitch to potential investors, and that one of the coaches he had during that pitch-event, told him that being a solo-preneur is not necessarily a […]

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Authentic Entrepreneur Talk
Authentic Entrepreneur Talk

In this rise of authenticity,  it’s time talk about the real issues in business, the things we struggle to articulate,  because it’s not just about profit, sales pipelines or tax returns but matters just as much, in the life of a business person. I’ll be writing a series of articles around this topic. The first […]

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Amplifying the Voices of the African Warrior Woman Matoyana Media
Amplifying the Voices of the African Warrior Woman

When winning Miss Universe in 2019 Zozibini Tunzi said, We should be teaching these young girls – to take up space. Nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself.” Such powerful comments; encouraging women take centre-stage because we are the ones who knit communities together and are on the front […]

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Warrior Women with Eugenie Drakes
Warrior Women with Eugenie Drakes

Eugenie Drakes was born in Johannesburg and is a very proud South African. She believes it is an honour and privilege to be in this country at this moment. As part of the Warrior Women series we interviewed Eugenie and learned more about a woman who has followed her heart and changed lives by being […]

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A Time to Every Purpose
A Time to Every Purpose

The song Turn! Turn! Turn!”(To Everything There Is a Season) echoes as the weather warms up, Spring’s delicate buds open and a new season is upon us. The tune was written by Pete Seeger in the 1950’s and first recorded in 1959. The lyrics are based on the first eight verses of the third chapter of the Book […]

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Inspirational Reads
Inspirational Reads

You may have noticed we love reading at Matoyana. We also love sharing information, so this month it’s all about keeping you inspired with a selection of books our Founder, Nokwazi Mzobe, has found perspective-changing. Enjoy and please leave us a comment about your  favourite read. The Upstarts: Uber, Airbnb, and the Battle for the […]

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