Ingrid Bell Autonomy Design
Autonomy with Ingrid Bell

Creative Strategist, co-owner of Autonomy Design and all round inspirational woman, Ingrid Bell, spoke to us about being an entrepreneur with her soul mate and husband Chad. Why do you do what you do?  I grew up submerged in creativity with a teacher mother and philosopher farther who taught us to challenge our own thinking, […]

Beyonce the entrepreneur
Beyoncé the Entrepreneur

In 2016 Beyoncé’s platinum-selling album Lemonade saw her become the first female artist to have 12 concurrent songs running on the US Billboard Hot 100. An amazing feat, but that’s not all. Beyoncé the business woman and entrepreneur was also hard at work launching a new clothing line and more. Her talent and perseverance now […]

Reasons Why You Should Consider Being a Peer Mentor
Reasons Why You Should Consider Being a Peer Mentor

I once sat in an inspirational talk by the former CEO of Accenture Clive Butkow. He gave a lot of tips that day, and one of these was “use other people’s brains”. How I interpreted this as, was find a mentor. Find someone who has taken the journey before who will help guide you in […]

Mandela Day Giving Back
Mandela Day Giving Back

Mandela Day gives us pause to think about how much we actually give back, and we’re reminded that every day should be Mandela Day. But in our busy lives it’s not always easy commit to things, even the most important ones.  Here are some initiatives that inspire us and will hopefully help to motivate your […]

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is For You
6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is For You

We’re big supporters of small businesses and would actually like everyone to have the confidence to be an entrepreneur in at least some part of their lives. If you have a particular hobby or passion the time has never been better for you to start your own small business. It doesn’t even need to replace […]


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