Impilo By Choosing Health I Choose Life
Impilo: By Choosing Health, I Choose Life!

Four years ago, inspired by a group of friends, I started choosing a word to live by instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions. I am not sure if they were too ambitious or fickle, but the resolutions rarely worked for me. Hence why I think the route I have chosen is brilliant. The idea behind […]

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The Future World of Work Readiness Relevance Reinvention
The Future World of Work – Readiness, Relevance and Reinvention

How Will We Operate in the Future World of Work?  Author and Consultant Jim Collins says, “When a calamitous event clobbers an industry or the overall economy, companies fall into one of three categories: those that pull ahead, those that fall behind, and those that die. The disruption itself does not determine your category. You […]

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The Future World of Work Anywhere Anytime Matoyana Media
The Future World of Work: Anywhere, Anytime

For everything 2020 will be remembered for, pushing us to fully embrace technology is going to be one of its standout moments. Like a Marvel series, during lockdown this year, we were all forced to rethink our ways of working and swiftly propelled into the future. People who feared purchasing goods online had to quickly […]

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In The Spotlight with Urglobal
In The Spotlight with Urglobal

Urglobal and their dynamic founder, Luleka Mkuzo, are In The Spotlight with Matoyana Media this week. They’re passionate about development and because they work within rural communities they’re sensitive to the differences and inequality gaps between urban and rural communities. Urglobal offers rural schools and communities a 4.0 digital lifeline in the form of a Rural Technology Park Model, ensuring that rural schools and communities join the digital movement. The business recognizes that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can be used to bridge the gap […]

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Eleven Things You Didn't Know about Project Akwande ukukhanya
11 Things You Didn’t Know about Project Akwande Ukukhanya

Akwande ukukhanya is an Early Childhood Development Crèche Owner Empowerment Programme which originally started as a pilot in 2017 with 15 women led ECDs, and due to its success, we were requested to run it in Diepsloot! Akwande ukukhanya has a unique, three-pronged approach business model: Supporting women social entrepreneursand leaders through personal and wellness […]

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In The Spotlight with Lindokuhle Duma and Iziko Stoves
In The Spotlight with Lindokuhle Duma and Iziko Stoves

Founder of Iziko Stoves, Lindokuhle Duma, has a zeal for social entrepreneurship and seeing young people achieve their full potential; this is what fuels his fire. Iziko is a welding company who develop at risk youth, substance abusers and ex-offenders; so they can self-sustain their livelihoods after rehabilitation. Matoyana Media spoke to Lindokuhle about his […]

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In the Spotlight with Kate Tregan Rowe, Founder of Explorare
In the Spotlight with Kate Tregan Rowe, Founder of Explorare

Matoyana Media is honoured to introduce Author and Founder of Explorare, Kate Tregan Rowe, as our next “In the Spotlight” feature. Kate is emotional wellbeing expert and supports people to develop the skills to foster connection with themselves and others. She is a passionate human who longs for a world where authentic and resilient connection […]

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In the Spotlight with Siyabonga Mngoma and Abundance Wholesome Foods
In the Spotlight with Siyabonga Mngoma and Abundance Wholesome Foods

We loved speaking to Abundance Wholesome Foods Founder, Siyabonga Mngoma, for Matoyana Media’s “In the Spotlight” feature. Siyabonga is a Civil servant turned entrepreneur to fight lifestyle diseases in South Africa through the home delivery service of organic fresh produce for health benefits – amongst other things. Abundance Wholesome Foods work with small scale farmers […]

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In The Spotlight with Maushami Chetty, CEO of Aarya Legal
In The Spotlight with Maushami Chetty, CEO of Aarya Legal

As part of our Matoyana Media “In the Spotlight” Series we’re showcasing African businesses who have social transformation at the heart of their businesses. This week we’re introducing Maushami Chetty, a dynamic a thinker and a doer and CEO of Aarya Legal, who provide innovative legal services to entrepreneurs. All business owners need risk management […]

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