Business Tips from Sasha Knott

Business Tips from Sasha Knott

Business Tips from Sasha KnottWe don’t see many female entrepreneurs in the financial services space, which is why we’re excited to be featuring business tips from Sasha Knott. Her business journey has taken her from her role as GM at the online commodity trading company iTradePro to her current role as CEO of Switch2.

Sasha is a task-driven manager who has the ability to manage any project to completion. She has displayed her knack and keen interest for finance and is trusted with any assignment/project/product. Her ability to influence and manage both people and tasks is very unique and she comes with high recommendation.

Sasha’s Tips for Start-Ups:

  • See the goal and work towards the goal but remember those goals may shift. Hopefully you can eventually aim even higher than you thought.
  • Network, network, network …. Get the word out and get support and get advice all through a good network.
  • There will be lots of hard decisions. You won’t always have the money to keep the employee you wanted, or to get the best of the best just yet. But hang in there…
  • You will have to do everything at first on your own. (Yes, even cold calling.)

3 Steps for Success:

  1. Have the right team
  2. One word marketing;
  3. Always look 1 year ahead (for staff, funds, market trends, training etc.)


You can do it all for yourself for a while, but not for very long. You need to take risksor else you won’t grow.  Plus a last note on perfectionism – it won’t always be perfect, if you’re aiming for that you’ll still be refining your business plan and not your business.

Sasha Knott  is the CEO of Switch2, the company which is making waves in the credit life insurance sector in South Africa. 


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