In The Spotlight with Jeanne du Plessis and Rain Tree Innovate
In The Spotlight with Jeanne du Plessis and Rain Tree Innovate

Introducing Matoyana Media’s latest “In the Spotlight”feature with Rain Tree and their innovative Founder, Jeanne du Plessis, who is curious about everything, up for anything and passionate about making the world better. Rain Tree help entrepreneurs to tell their stories and find their voice, as well as assist established brands to turn social issues into […]

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In The Spotlight with Nourishing Africa and Matoyana Media
In The Spotlight with Nourishing Africa

As part of our Matoyana Media “In the Spotlight” Series we’re showcasing African businesses who have social transformation at the heart of their businesses. We’re honoured to feature Nourishing Africa as a business whose online platform has a range of tools and resources geared towards showcasing the talent and innovations of the agricultural and food […]

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Teachers turned entrepreneurs
Ten Teachers Turned Entrepreneurs

Ten Teachers Turned Entrepreneurs In a recent article we discussed ten reasons why teachers make such great entrepreneurs. As a follow up to this we’re sharing information on ten people who did exactly that – began as educators and branched out into other fields. 1 Sting Sting is a famous example of a teacher turned […]

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Saving the World, One Entrepreneur at a Time with Lisa Illingworth
Saving the World, One Entrepreneur at a Time with Lisa Illingworth

As part of our quest to help grow young entrepreneurs Matoyana spoke to Lisa Illingworth, the CEO and Batman of FutureProof South Africa, a business leading the way in activating entrepreneurial thinking and action in children. Using experienced entrepreneurs as coaches, FutureProof teach the skills needed to start and run a business as well as […]

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The Launch of Umhlahlandlela Wamabhizinisi Amancane 5
Umhlahlandlela Wamabhizinisi Amancane

Umhlahlandlela Wamabhizinisi Amancane, the isiZulu translation of the Small Business Handbook, was launchedin EThekwini on Thursday 7 December.The English version was written by Nokwazi Mzobe, Founder of Matoyana Business Solutions, with the isiZulu book done in partnership with P&G South Africa, who sponsored the translation of the book from English into isiZulu, as well as […]

Nokwazi Mzobe: Writer of Her Own Success Story
Nokwazi Mzobe: Writer of Her Own Success Story

This interview first appeared in Top Business Women Magazine / Standard Bank Top Women Leaders. Written by Elske Joubert Nokwazi Mzobe searched far and wide for a one-stop shop where she could find the resources and advice she needed to start her own business. After a number of futile searches, she decided to create her […]

The Triple Bottom Line
The Triple Bottom Line

The term “Triple Bottom Line” (TBL) is being heard more and more often, but what does it actually mean? According to Wikipedia, it is: “An accounting framework with three parts: social, environmental (or ecological) and financial. Many organisations have adopted the TBL framework to evaluate their performance in a broader perspective to create greater business […]

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Social Entrepreneurship, Majora Carter and Township Transformation
Social Entrepreneurs, Majora Carter and Township Transformation

This month Matoyana focuses on how entrepreneurs can tackle sustainability issues, so who better to feature in July than Majora Carter, US Activist turned Urban Revitalisation Strategist and Social Entrepreneur. She is founder and co-founder of the following organizations and initiatives: Sustainable South Bronx; Green for All; Bronx Tech Meetup; Startup Box Software Services and […]

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs
Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

In South Africa in June the focus is on the youth and Youth Day. We see this as an opportunity to encourage young people to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and bring their business ideas to fruition. Here is knowledge we’ve gathered from coaching start-ups as well as some young entrepreneurs who inspire us. Start Young […]


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