Why Did I Write the Small Business Handbook 2
Why Did I Write the Small Business Handbook?

I’ve been asked this question a number of times in the last couple of months. My initial response was when I started my business, I wished I had a single resource I could tap into, get access to or be directed to the correct information. The more I think about it though; this is not […]

Daily Lessons from a Small Business Owner
Daily Lessons from a Small Business Owner

We read a lot about the rewards of entrepreneurship and the astonishing success of people in business. The reality is more complex than a Thought Leadership article or a glamorous PR profile. Sometimes business is messy, with no hard and fast rules and its difficult work making entrepreneurial decisions. Here are some daily “lessons” from […]

What is the sharing economy matoyana business solutions
What is the Sharing Economy?

The term “sharing economy” originally came from computer coders who shared programmes for free, but it has now become so broad that the real definition is often not known. “Sharing economy,” “peer economy,” “collaborative economy,” “on-demand economy” and “collaborative consumption” are all used to describe different tech or app start-ups, but they all mean different […]

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is For You
6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is For You

We’re big supporters of small businesses and would actually like everyone to have the confidence to be an entrepreneur in at least some part of their lives. If you have a particular hobby or passion the time has never been better for you to start your own small business. It doesn’t even need to replace […]

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs
From Creative to Business Owner

What if the highly creative pictured themselves as successful business owners? Why is it that so many creative people have a reputation for being bad with money and have an inability to achieve long-term financial success? In this article we look at 8 tips on how to convert your creative energy into sustainable and successful […]

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