Warrior Women with Yudhika Sujanani
Warrior Women with Yudhika Sujanani

Introducing Matoyana Media’s interview with Foodpreneur, Chef, Author, Business Woman and fabulous warrior woman, Yudhika Sujanani. Hello Yudhika and thank you for your time, tell us a bit about your approach to life? “Underneath it all, we are all just humans, we are all just people craving the warmth, the love, the affection and care. […]

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Warrior Women with Tania Ikedji Mukwamu
Warrior Women with Tania Ikedji Mukwamu

Tania Ikedji Mukwamu is a wanderer who has managed to call the African continent her home. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), grew up there, went to school there and moved to South Africa at the age of 17. After completing university in South Africa, Tania decided to stay and many […]

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Warrior Women with Sarah-Jane Boden
Warrior Women with Sarah-Jane Boden

Sarah-Jane Boden is a proud mom, a partner and a student – currently doing her MA in Critical Diversity at University of the Witwatersrand. She’s also the Founder and Leader of the agencies Soul Providers Collective and Suketchi.  Soul Providers Collective is a medium sized creative agency and Suketchi is a mini boutique, couture branding […]

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Warrior Women with Busisiwe Hlatswayo
Warrior Women with Busisiwe Hlatswayo

Matoyana Media’s next Warrior Women interview is with Career Coach for Black Women in the Workplace, Busisiwe Hlatswayo.  Busisiwe also has an MBA and is Head of School for Business Innovation and Technology (BIT) at AFDA. But her start in life was far from easy as we explore in this conversation. Hi Busisiwe, many thanks […]

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Aligning Life Goals with a Solid Financial Future
Aligning Life Goals with a Solid Financial Future

The Festive Season 2019 is  here and Matoyana Media, who are always interested in finance and planning, caught up with Andi Tooke, the Head of Marketing at LifeCheq, to get some insights on how to plan more effectively for a bespoke financial future. Hi Andi, many thanks for your time. LifeCheq gives financial advice aligned […]

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Dr Eseza Matoyana Media Warrior Women
Warrior Women with Dr Eseza Nambassi

We’re honoured to bring you another interview in Matoyana Media’s Warrior Women series and to introduce you to Dr Eseza Nambassi who is a Medical Doctor and General Health Practitioner.  Dr Nambassi reminds us of a quote by Mahatma Gandhi who told us. “In a gentle way, each of us have the capacity to shake […]

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A Time to Every Purpose
A Time to Every Purpose

The song Turn! Turn! Turn!”(To Everything There Is a Season) echoes as the weather warms up, Spring’s delicate buds open and a new season is upon us. The tune was written by Pete Seeger in the 1950’s and first recorded in 1959. The lyrics are based on the first eight verses of the third chapter of the Book […]

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Women in leadership
Women in Leadership Breakfast

Disrupt the status quo and step into your awesome!  “Nokwazi Z Mzobe is an entrepreneur, part-time lecturer and author of the Small Business Handbook. She is the managing director of Matoyana, a boutique consulting firm that enables more small business owners in Africa to run successful, sustainable businesses and to promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovative […]

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Disruptive Business Models in Today’s Workplace

As emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality appear in the workplace, startups are innovating current business models. This is one way companies can create a disruptive business model. A disruptive business model creates new markets by altering the way a current business model operates. Netflix is a well known example of successful disruption. […]

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Is Freelancing for You
Is Freelancing for You?

The earliest recorded use of the term “free lance” was in 1819 from Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, in which a feudal lord calls his paid army “free lances”. The two separate words became used to describe a medieval mercenary who would fight for whoever paid them, like a Middle Ages “gun for hire”, and as […]

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