The Future World of Work Anywhere Anytime Matoyana Media
The Future World of Work: Anywhere, Anytime

For everything 2020 will be remembered for, pushing us to fully embrace technology is going to be one of its standout moments. Like a Marvel series, during lockdown this year, we were all forced to rethink our ways of working and swiftly propelled into the future. People who feared purchasing goods online had to quickly […]

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In The Spotlight with Nourishing Africa and Matoyana Media
In The Spotlight with Nourishing Africa

As part of our Matoyana Media “In the Spotlight” Series we’re showcasing African businesses who have social transformation at the heart of their businesses. We’re honoured to feature Nourishing Africa as a business whose online platform has a range of tools and resources geared towards showcasing the talent and innovations of the agricultural and food […]

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Out of the Box Financial Investment Solutions
Out of the Box Financial Investment Solutions

The Festive Season for entrepreneurs and Small Businesses can be a stressful financial time. With this in mind and to gain some perspective on finance in Africa in 2020 Matoyana spoke to Kagiso Tloubatla, Founder of SV Capital. SV Capital gives alternative investment solutions geared towards Africans – how do you go about doing this? […]

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Warrior Women with Thando Maisela
Warrior Women with Thando Maisela

A second generation entrepreneur, Thando Maisela’s journey has evolved as she’s grown in mastery of self. A property investor, founder and owner of a company called naMaisela, Thando is building a property portfolio with the aim of building it into a property fund. This is some of what she shared with Matoyana Media during her […]

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Teachers turned entrepreneurs
Ten Teachers Turned Entrepreneurs

Ten Teachers Turned Entrepreneurs In a recent article we discussed ten reasons why teachers make such great entrepreneurs. As a follow up to this we’re sharing information on ten people who did exactly that – began as educators and branched out into other fields. 1 Sting Sting is a famous example of a teacher turned […]

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Daily Lessons from a Small Business Owner
Daily Lessons from a Small Business Owner

We read a lot about the rewards of entrepreneurship and the astonishing success of people in business. The reality is more complex than a Thought Leadership article or a glamorous PR profile. Sometimes business is messy, with no hard and fast rules and its difficult work making entrepreneurial decisions. Here are some daily “lessons” from […]

Creative Wisdom

Some real-life entrepreneurial wisdom from Creative Writer, Dominique: “The best way a creative person can be a success is to find a business person who respects their talent and creative ability and dedicates themselves to using their business acumen to make them both successful. Often it’s because they’re focused on creating things other than money, […]


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