In the Spotlight with Siyabonga Mngoma and Abundance Wholesome Foods

In the Spotlight with Siyabonga Mngoma and Abundance Wholesome Foods

We loved speaking to Abundance Wholesome Foods Founder, Siyabonga Mngoma, for Matoyana Media’s “In the Spotlight” feature. Siyabonga is a Civil servant turned entrepreneur to fight lifestyle diseases in South Africa through the home delivery service of organic fresh produce for health benefits – amongst other things.

In the Spotlight with Siyabonga Mngoma and Abundance Wholesome FoodsAbundance Wholesome Foods work with small scale farmers who grow organic fresh produce, these individuals are passionate about the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care. They choose to farm organically, for the ecological benefits, e.g. to provide food that is in season which have health benefits for allergies and immune system support as well as food that grows in support of nature and its seasonal cycles. They grow in their communities to support the local economy, e.g. job creation which provide fair wages and feed/ support livelihood of households in those communities.

Abundance Wholesome Foods supports farming but also aims to provide markets for the farmers and access to food that is chemically free for South Africans, to be able to avoid lifestyle diseases. By sourcing from these farms they help build local economies, bring awareness to South Africans that “food is medicine” and encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables as part of a nutritious and a balanced meal.

In the Spotlight with Siyabonga Mngoma and Abundance Wholesome FoodsIn turn Abundance Wholesome Foods help the environment – as their produce is delivered in free- plastic packaging and travels less to the customer’s home thereby lowering carbon emissions. Plus, by buying a special Donation Card you’ll be helping to provide fresh produce for Blessed is the Hand that Gives and Londani Lushaka – an organisation focused on feeding over 500 children.

When asked how she’s doing Siyabonga says:

“At the moment I don’t have to look far for creativity. Operating under the restrictions of COVID-19 requires a lot of creativity. As part of the agricultural value chain, as food distributors we are fortunate to be able to continue with business operations. However, it requires a lot of creativity – even though it would seem as normal business operations, working under the current environment necessitates one to be quick on their feet, which is a creative ability.

Personally, I draw a lot of creativity at the moment from the team I work with from the farmers, our driver to the team that helps me with various elements of the business strategy. And I read a lot of industry and business publications for creative insights.”  

See their online store and web blog at – and the website is supported by social media platforms:

Facebook: @AbundanceWholeFoods

Instagram: @abundance_wf

Twitter: @abundance_wf


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