In The Spotlight with Maushami Chetty, CEO of Aarya Legal

In The Spotlight with Maushami Chetty, CEO of Aarya Legal

As part of our Matoyana Media “In the Spotlight” Series we’re showcasing African businesses who have social transformation at the heart of their businesses. This week we’re introducing Maushami Chetty, a dynamic a thinker and a doer and CEO of Aarya Legal, who provide innovative legal services to entrepreneurs.

In The Spotlight with Aarya LegalAll business owners need risk management and someone to hold their hands through transactions and problem solving. Currently most lawyers can’t fill that role as they don’t know how to communicate to entrepreneurs and owner-run businesses and because the hourly rate business model doesn’t make sense for anyone other than a large corporate.  Maushami and Aarya Legal saw the gap to re-imagine law the way entrepreneurs would like to purchase it: simple, friendly and with fixed fees you can budget for.

Aarya Legal has also been taking the lead in creating self-help and tech based solutions to reach more entrepreneurs more affordably. Although it usually sounds insincere when businesses talk about social impact, especially lawyers, Aarya Legal believe that affordable and friendly lawyers on your side can make a big difference to whether you become sustainable.  They do work at every level – from working with VC’s to servicing township micro-enterprises through enterprise development programmes. This ensures that they can see and measure the impact of the interventions in supporting small businesses. Just because law is thought of as elitist doesn’t mean it is – it’s an essential service for businesses to grow and succeed.

In The Spotlight with Aarya LegalWhen asked how she keeps creative and sane during the difficult Covid-19 phase, Maushami says:

“Anyone who does cerebral work has to do something with their hands to balance things out. I embroider when I have time.  I constantly listen to music which keeps me focused or provides breaks for fun and spontaneity (aka dancing around the workspace).  The most import “tip” and hardest to do at times like this is to have a purpose. When you’re “on purpose” you tend not to get influenced by externalities because you’re internally driven.  Figuring that purpose out is hard but life becomes much easier once you have.”

Many thanks for your time Maushami!

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