In the Spotlight with Kate Tregan Rowe, Founder of Explorare

In the Spotlight with Kate Tregan Rowe, Founder of Explorare

Matoyana Media is honoured to introduce Author and Founder of Explorare, Kate Tregan Rowe, as our next “In the Spotlight” feature. Kate is emotional wellbeing expert and supports people to develop the skills to foster connection with themselves and others. She is a passionate human who longs for a world where authentic and resilient connection is the norm rather than the exception, and we couldn’t agree more, especially as we approach the “new normal”  phase of Covid-19 when real connections could help to save lives.  

In the Spotlight with Kate Tregan Rowe, Founder of Explorare Explorare dives deep into the workings of our inner-selves, to play and explore as we grow skills to communicate and connect. They prioritise connection and making choices everyday which help people step towards intimacy. They show up and stand for deep, honest and growing connection.

We asked Kate how she’d describe her business and she answered, “We want to get to know you, build relationships which matter and be on this journey with you. We want to support you to find your way to cultivating the quality of connections you want in your life.”

Kate and Explorare believe that connection is what is needed in the world, togetherness. When we are connected we are kinder, more empathetic people. We find ways to talk and resolve issues. It is through connection and learning the skills needed to build wholesome relationships both with ourselves and others which is going to support communities, families and indeed countries to shift to a people centered society.

In the Spotlight with Kate Tregan Rowe, Founder of Explorare Safe, authentic and vulnerable connection is the antidote to much of what ails us as a society, from loneliness, stress and anxiety to obesity, addiction and violence. Explorare trust that the work they do will join with the wonderful work being done by countless people all over the world to find ways to bring us together rather than promote ideas which push us apart. Truly we are better together.

To remain creative, sane and inspired during this disconcerting time of Covid-19 Kate says she dances, gardens and listens to audio books – “I need time to be quiet, turn my attention inwards and listen to what is going on inside. Taking time each day to slow down and reflect is essential for me.”

Many thanks for your time Kate, and for making a difference through your groundbreaking work.

To develop more connected relationships through authentic and open-hearted communication visit or email

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