In The Spotlight with Jeanne du Plessis and Rain Tree Innovate

In The Spotlight with Jeanne du Plessis and Rain Tree Innovate

Introducing Matoyana Media’s latest “In the Spotlight”feature with Rain Tree and their innovative Founder, Jeanne du Plessis, who is curious about everything, up for anything and passionate about making the world better. Rain Tree help entrepreneurs to tell their stories and find their voice, as well as assist established brands to turn social issues into business opportunities.

In The Spotlight with Rain TreeIn The Spotlight with Rain TreeSociety has been conditioned into thinking that positive social impact and business success have to be separate and that being profitable is the opposite of being socially responsible. Rain Tree’s work is focused on changing this perception in the following ways: Companies often ring-fence a slice of profits to “do some good” instead of asking how they can do good with what they’re good at. Yet, some of the world’s most amazing, life-changing innovations have come from business. Rain Tree makes it their mission to ask the question: “How might we harness business’s power for innovation and scale to solve social and environmental problems?”

There is a new start-up movement that has been gaining momentum all over the world – social innovators who are introducing new ways to solve social and environmental problems, often using commercial business models. These are not charities: these impact entrepreneurs have mission-driven, self sufficient businesses. Rain Tree assists them to tell their stories and find their voice – so they can win over investors, attract the best people and make a bigger impact.

In The Spotlight with Rain TreeWhen we chatted to their Founder, Jeanne du Plessis we asked her how she keeps sane during the Covid-19 lockdown and she inspired us by saying she’s doing, “Zoom CrossFit classes, reading and watching murder mysteries and reconnecting with friends from all over the world.”

If you are curious about how social innovation can help your business thrive or how consistency in your communication can make a difference, get in touch with:

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