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In the Spotlight with Anne Wambui Gaitha – Founder and CEO of the Regal Africa Group

Matoyana Media is honoured to have spent some time getting to know Anne Wambui Gaitha, a Kenyan-based Global Trade and Investment Expert, focusing on Global Trade, Investment Banking and Investment Management in Africa. Anne is also a Wealth and Business Coach to leaders and influencer’s in Africa. She is a financial powerhouse, bringing her expertise in global wealth creation to organisations and assisting them in growing successful global brands.  

The Regal Africa Group, of which Anne is the Founder and CEO, offers advisory services, Wealth Management and Real Estate services to clients in Africa with the goal to help them create wealth.   Their focus is to ensure that Africans create wealth for themselves in business and through trade and investing.

 In the Spotlight with Anne Wambui Gaitha from the Regal Africa GroupWe asked Anne how the work she does makes the world a better place and she said, “We believe that the only sustainable way to eradicate poverty on the African continent is through business, we believe in Trade and not AID and therefore we continue to offer advisory services to Businesses, Individuals, Institutions and Governments in East Africa.”

The Regal Africa Group helps sustainability in Africa through the business ecosystem by supporting SMEs to formalise, especially family businesses, so that they can get access to larger markets and more affordable finance. This enables them to scale-up and then solve the poverty issue through the creation of jobs for the youth in Africa as well as creation of wealth for families and communities.

Anne and her business also work with large corporate’s who can expand into different regions in Africa and internationally and they assist them with strategy advice and access to finance that enables them to build global African brands.

 In the Spotlight with Anne Wambui Gaitha from the Regal Africa GroupAnne is passionate about enriching the African business landscape and says, “We hope to influence the world by working with Africans, the African Diaspora and friends of Africa, to support the businesses that are on the continent through investing in them and providing access to markets for the goods and services produced on the continent. This will extend to the global market, as once the world sees the great work that is done in Africa, they will think more about Trading with Africa versus just philanthropic engagements, this, in turn will likely foster more investment and Trade for Good in Africa.”

There is much to admire about the work which the Regal Africa Group do, including their assistance with scalable businesses – especially women and youth run businesses – and once they are supported, they can transform the communities they serve.

 In the Spotlight with Anne Wambui Gaitha from the Regal Africa GroupIn this tricky time of the COVID-19 pandemic Anne stays creative and sane by taking the time to learn as much as she can by reading books and attending at least one webinar daily. She is also listening to motivational talks to stay inspired, spending time with family and socialising with friends online. But that’s not all, as well as learning Anne says, “I am currently taking up a coaching program from a global transformation coach who focuses on women in business, to ensure that I remind myself that this is the time to Reflect, Rethink and Restrategise as I get ready for the new normal. Thank you for the opportunity to share the work we are doing at Regal Africa with your audience in South Africa.”

Many thanks for your time and inspiration Anne!

Follow Anne on Social Media @annegaitha where she shares her inspirational thoughts and the Regal Living Experience philosophy of abundance.

Learn more about Regal Africa on:  and on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @regalafrica

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