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Redesigning Space with Stephen Shange

Stephen ShangeStephen Shange is a digital designer with the love for everything design, here are his thoughts on problem solving, South Africa and more.

“I love solving challenges using design as a tool that allows for elegant solutions to problems. Design is a function that creates an aesthetic appeal to every single piece of matter that exists, from furniture to mobile and electronic devices. Even the display functions of those devices. So naturally creating logos and corporate identities was a great start for me, challenging myself to digital design allows me to increase the creativity level of my design range. I intend on continuing to better my talents.

I love that I have the opportunity to contribute to peoples hopes and dreams by partnering with them, and help fulfil the artistic vision they had for their business.

Getting people to understand the impacts and value their business can get out of investing in a proper design solution. Branding and design go hand in hand and good quality design can take time and cost money. However once a brand is established with good design, it’s recognition is embedded in people’s minds.

My favourite quote; “Do all the little things, simply because the big things are nothing except a lot of little things put together” – unknown

My father is my first inspiration. I was inspired by his work ethic, he taught me how to commit to my work and love what I do. He also showed me the value of having a calm spirit.

My other inspiration is a man by the name of Don Norman for his contributions to the field of customer/user design.

I see myself being a voice in the space of Digital and User Experience design helping companies move to the next level by improving digital design solutions  making user experience easier.

My greatest hope for South Africa is  for it to be a home for my children where freedom, equality and opportunity are not hopes but rather a reality.”

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