“We believe in making entrepreneurial knowledge accessible, so people can solve their own problems and create their own opportunities” shows just how important knowledge sharing is for Matoyana. As part of playing our part in ensuring that this comes true, we create a variety of content aimed at helping small businesses. 


Entrepreneurship Development

We offer coaching and mentoring services to a range of SMEs and start-ups, from tech, fashion, film & production through to retail industries. We also pride ourselves in creating business development support programmes & training for township businesses. In 2017 we designed and ran an Early Childhood Development (ECD) empowerment programme where we trained ECD owners on how to manage their ECD center’s like businesses. In 2018 we created business skills training and workbook on behalf of a client, for a business empowerment project being rolled out in various townships across the country.

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Consulting Services

Corporate & large organizations:

We provide a range of services to larger organizations, from programme design to workshop facilitation, focusing specifically on supporting; building and empowering SMEs and start-ups.

SMEs & Start-ups:

We specialize in business modeling consulting services, where we help small business owners to think through their business models and to come up with strategies that will help them scale up.

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Content Creation

Entrepreneurs need content that they can relate to. Content that is localized, practical and authentic. Considering this, we create audio and video content that address the everyday challenges entrepreneurs face and provide solutions on how to overcome these. We do this by creating our own content or we feature fellow entrepreneurs who share their journey’s; business successes; lessons learnt as well as their advice. We also created the Small Business handbook, an essential tool for anyone needing comprehensive guidance on managing and running a business. It is available in English and isiZulu.

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Our Tagline

We believe in making entrepreneurial knowledge accessible, so people can solve their own problems and create their own opportunities.

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