New World of Work: Re-imagine Your World

New World of Work: Re-imagine Your World

If you are a follower and regular reader of our Matoyana blog, you will note that this year our theme has been around the future world or new world of work. We have written several topics around this theme – taking insights from research from consulting world to sharing our own stories and own interpretations. As I was reflecting on this week’s blog – I thought to myself, “let’s put research and theories aside, and let’s just dream.”

We have all responded to the Covid19 pandemic differently – our responses differ based on our work, life, and environments. For me, this past year has given me time to think and dream; I realised that I have not given myself permission and time to do this in a very long time.

So, I invite you to join me in a journey of re-imagining your world. Take time out to sit, think and dream. Dream about the future you envision for yourself – at work, at home, and in the world at large. Do this – especially if you have been craving a change or if there are certain skills you have wanted to explore but have not had the chance to, because of your job or life commitments. Maybe you just want a do-over at life. Well, it is not too late.

Dream and create. Design that new path. Create a vision board. Buy yourself some journals and jot down your ideas and thoughts. I believe that we are at a unique time in our lives where we have been given an opportunity to re-imagine the world we want to live in. To unlearn what we have been taught about life and relearn new ways of doing things. The great thing is that these dreams do not need to stay in your head or as words in your journal. They have the potential to become a reality. If you have the right plans, strategies and leverage the new world of work trends such as:

The Gig-economy: Explore all the different platforms that will allow you to provide services to a number of different individuals or companies that may be in need of your skills. That way you are not tied down to one boss or organization.

The knowledge economy:  Don’t just consume, become a contributor and share your knowledge. Start a vlog, blog, or podcast.

Work anytime, anywhere: Always dreamt of small-town living? Well, there is no better time than now to make that change. Hopefully, your organization is planning to stick with remote working options. If, not, well I suggest you start exploring alternatives.

Continuous Learning: Go back to school, in the comfort of your home. Get that international degree without leaving your home country. It is that much easier, affordable, and accessible to learn – especially learn new skills needed for this tech-enabled world.

Become a digital nomad: You may not be at a point to leave your country, but this does not stop you from trying this lifestyle from the safety of your home country. Cancel your rent lease, sell your car, rent out your home. Move to the next City, rent an Airbnb, and use one of the many on-demand transport apps to get around.

This new world of work is giving us the power to really own our lives. To live a life aligned to our purpose, we need to believe that we can do so. We need to let go of what life has looked like to date, and start thinking about what life can be like tomorrow.

Be inspired and keep these words from The Notorious BIG in mind: “It was all a Dream…You know very well who you are. Don’t let ’em hold you down. Reach for the stars. You had a goal, but not that many. ‘Cause you’re the only one. I’ll give you good and plenty.”

Nokwazi Z Mzobe, Founder of Matoyana Media

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