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Creative Lessons MatonyanaSome real-life entrepreneurial wisdom from Creative Writer, Dominique:

“The best way a creative person can be a success is to find a business person who respects their talent and creative ability and dedicates themselves to using their business acumen to make them both successful.

Often it’s because they’re focused on creating things other than money, and their creative drive keeps them leaping from one project to the next.

My “lesson” is that it is vital for creatives to work together and to pick the right partner(s). By its nature creativity is collaborative and I found that as a creative going on my own the first time I isolated myself too much and lost creativity and impetus.

I didn’t realiseĀ (until I went back into the job market) how much I missed people and bouncing ideas off them. That shifted my focus from being a freelance creative to being a part of a team whether temporarily at a company, or as I started to set up my own business with my business partner.

DomAlso, for creatives I would say – nothing ever has to be all or nothing. When you have an idea for a business it can be so tempting for a creative to do a 180 degree turn, throw caution to the wind and dive in. It doesn’t have to be like that. The business I am setting up now with my partner has been done while working full time, producing a TV series for a client, and we will continue like this until we have enough in the bank to pay our salaries and rent office space for at least 6-months. Until then we will continue working from the dining room, the patio and coffee shops in Melville. ”

Dominique Masson, Writer and Entrepreneur




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