Book Writing 101
Business Book Writing 101

I’ve always wanted to write a book, I even attended one of those free book writing seminars.  I was thinking seriously about putting pen to paper when I mentioned my plan to a client and she suggested I create a book for the project we were working on. While I envisaged myself as an author […]

Four Reasons Why South African Women Become Entrepreneurs
4 Reasons Why SA Women Become Entrepreneurs

As a proudly owned female business we are invested in women and their success. In this article we explore some of the reasons why women go into business for themselves and make a success of it. #1 No Choice  “Necessity is the mother of invention.” English Proverb “Option A is not available. So let’s kick […]

Getting By With a Little Help from Our Online Friends
Getting By With a Little Help from Our Friends

Your entrepreneurial path is likely to be a strikingly individual one, because it’s driven by unique-you. That doesn’t mean there aren’t different types of support along the way. In this article we share six Thought Leader websites which inspire or help us – we hope you receive value from their content too. 1)  “As soon […]

Start-Ups and Keeping it in the Family
Start-Ups and Keeping it in the Family

Many small businesses and start-ups begin within a family circle. It often makes sense to include your nearest and dearest when bringing your passionate start-up ideas to life. You know each other well and who better to have on your team than someone who loves you and has always got your back? In Stages of […]

What is the sharing economy matoyana business solutions
What is the Sharing Economy?

The term “sharing economy” originally came from computer coders who shared programmes for free, but it has now become so broad that the real definition is often not known. “Sharing economy,” “peer economy,” “collaborative economy,” “on-demand economy” and “collaborative consumption” are all used to describe different tech or app start-ups, but they all mean different […]

6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is For You
6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is For You

We’re big supporters of small businesses and would actually like everyone to have the confidence to be an entrepreneur in at least some part of their lives. If you have a particular hobby or passion the time has never been better for you to start your own small business. It doesn’t even need to replace […]

The Business Case for Crowdsourcing

Gone are the days of employing a large number of people; relying on one or two overpriced suppliers; consulting one person on a business problem or struggling to raise funds from a finance institution. Technology has made access to skilled individuals, finance and suppliers easier and affordable. This is great for small businesses and start-ups. […]

Should You Be Crowdfunding?

The number of people utilising crowdfunding platforms is growing and,according to Forbes Magazine, is estimated to surpass Venture Capital funding in 2016.Crowdfunding relies on people being willing to make a difference. It plays on our desire to engage and help with authentic concerns. Crowdfunding has also democratized access to finance by lowering the barriers to […]

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Creative Wisdom

Some real-life entrepreneurial wisdom from Creative Writer, Dominique: “The best way a creative person can be a success is to find a business person who respects their talent and creative ability and dedicates themselves to using their business acumen to make them both successful. Often it’s because they’re focused on creating things other than money, […]

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Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs
From Creative to Business Owner

What if the highly creative pictured themselves as successful business owners? Why is it that so many creative people have a reputation for being bad with money and have an inability to achieve long-term financial success? In this article we look at 8 tips on how to convert your creative energy into sustainable and successful […]

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