Creative Wisdom

Some real-life entrepreneurial wisdom from Creative Writer, Dominique: “The best way a creative person can be a success is to find a business person who respects their talent and creative ability and dedicates themselves to using their business acumen to make them both successful. Often it’s because they’re focused on creating things other than money, […]

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs
From Creative to Business Owner

What if the highly creative pictured themselves as successful business owners? Why is it that so many creative people have a reputation for being bad with money and have an inability to achieve long-term financial success? In this article we look at 8 tips on how to convert your creative energy into sustainable and successful […]

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Fast-Casual Restaurants, I learnt something new this week!

  The great thing about being a self-certified nerd, is the excitement you go through when you learn something new. On Monday this week, whilst scrolling through my twitter timeline, I came across the following term: “Fast-Casual” restaurants. According to Wikipedia (side note: “yes, I know not the most reliable source for info on the […]

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Time to start creating & believing your own Hype!

  Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely journey, especially if you go at it alone. Hence why it is so important to learn to become your own cheerleader; your own hype-(wo)man!!! You’re the only person who really knows where you are trying to go and therefore you should be the one best equipped with […]


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