Early Childhood Development (ECD) Owner Business Empowerment Programme Launch

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Owner Business Empowerment Programme Launch

The graduation of women trained on the ECD Owner Business Empowerment Programme was held on 29 June at 10h00 in Cosmo City, Cosmo City Baptist Church.

The Owner Empowerment Programme showcases how small business can give back by partnering with a local-non-profit initiative; creating sustainable solutions for women and communities through practical business training.

Matoyana Business Solutions in partnership with The National Children and Violence Trust (NCVT) have created the ECD Owner Empowerment Programme.  The programme is a non-fee business skills training initiative up-skilling female crèche owners who live in the Cosmo City and surrounding areas.  Funding of the programme is partly being sponsored by the proceeds of the sale of Mzobe’s Small Business Handbook. Organizations such as Webber Wentzel; Little Ashford; St John Ambulance; DSD have also supported this initiative by providing pro-bono training.

An overview of the participants graduating from the Owner Empowerment Training is as follows:

  • It is targeted at township women that run early childhood development centres
  • There are 17 crèche owners enrolled in the training
  • They reside within Cosmo City and the surrounding areas
  • All the crèches are registered NPO’s
  • They have been operational for over two years.

This project aims to create long term, sustainable ways to solve the problems of:

1) Improving the sustainability of women led businesses in townships

2) Improving the quality of early childhood education in poorer communities.

The range of topics covered in the training include Finance, Practical Selling, Risk Management, Legal and Compliance.  The facilitators are multi-lingual, therefore improving understanding of subject matter. The training is both dynamic and flexible with the insights from each training session being used to improve the training and topics on the next one. Phase Two of the training which focuses on implementing and fixing gaps in the business, starts in mid-July.

“Everything that I’ve learnt here and tried to implement in my business, I have seen a huge difference. I have even gained respect from the community and many people. “Margaret Mbasa, Crèche Owner, Cosmo City.

Contact:Nokwazi Mzobe, Founder of Matoyana

Email: nokwazi@matoyana.co.za

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